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Tyrell Martin was a student at Julie James college and a friend through

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Name: Tyrell Martin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color:

Tyrell and the Hook:


Stabbed from behind through throat by hook and pulled up

Known Relatives:

Mr. Martin,

Mrs. Martin,

Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Mekhi Phifer

[Still Know What You Did Last Summer]

girlfriend Karla Wilson.

Tyrell loved Karla very much and was passionate with everything he was seen doing with Karla from the nightclub to final sequences at the resort they prestigously won a trip to.

Tyrell survived most of the oncoming advances of the Fisherman up until the discovery of the hiding bartender who accuses them of being the killers.

Tyrell and KarlaEdit

Tyrell was madly in love with fellow university student and Julie's best friend Karla Wilson who he is seen at the nightclub they attend and at the Bahamas enjoy their trip.

Tyrell loved Karla to the point of doing anything for her and she loved him dearly too but the by the end and his demise she was more shocked then heartbroken fearing for her own life unlike the display demonstrated in the first summer by Helen Shivers over Barry Cox's death.

Tyrell and WillEdit

Tyrell was played by fellow student Will to thinking they were friends and tricked to coming with his loving girlfriend to the island and being killed by murderous father.

Tyrell treats Will like a younger brother cracking jokes and undermining him positevly.

Will also treats in same getting revenge for his comment on his air sickness while he comments on his sea sickness.

Tyrell and JulieEdit

Tyrell had first is very positive of Julie and eager to get her out along with his girlfriend Karla but to no prevail it is ruined upon coming to the island.

Tyrell becomes sick of Julie's breakdowns and hallucinations and upin discovering they are real and she confesses why it is happening he turns on her believing her to untrustworthy and they shouldnt align with a potenial target.

Tyrell and EstesEdit

Tyrell believes Estes to be the culprit and becomes his only suspicion about whoms guilty.

Tyrell raids his shack and discovers bizarre voodoo which arouses his suspicions even more.

Even when Estes reveals himself and tells them of Ben Willis Tyrell still believes it him even in Julie's confession.


Tyrell is killed on the storm season first night as he is in the kitchen and Ben Willis reveals himself and stabs through the back of the throat and drags him up on dropping on the stove before a terrified Nancy and Karla.