Tony Alister DiMassio is a victim portrayable character in I Know What You Did Last Summer game voiced by

Anthony DiMassio
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Michael Bailey Smith.

He appears in the first summer video game as a member of the pact involved in the manslaughter of Tamara Jeanine Willis and as a victim abducted by Benjamin Willis placed in the Southport Processing Foundry.

He is mentioned in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Game.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

The Pact 1997Edit

Tony was the drunken passenger of the vehicle used to collide with Tamara Willis.

His drunken behaviour resulted in Max's distraction leading him to collide with the tree Tamara was perched against.

He is one of the victims allowed to be claimed by Ben Willis as Tamara's spirit desires to kill the instigator Max Petrossi who also was the driver of the vehicle.

He is unplayable in the dream flashback seqeunce.

Harper's CallEdit

Tony is revealed to have had bad dealings with the Southport gang Harper's Call one of two sets of witnesses to the concealing of the pact's involvment in Tamara Willis' death.

He is charged following the death of one member to watch over the member Robert Rhys a larger man of body build, height and strength.

He is killed before Tony leaving him to attempt to protect croaker queen Marybeth at the 4th of July Parade.


Tony returns to his parent's large estate (revealed to be the next door home to Barry Cox's house) following Marybeth's death where he is abducted by Ben Willis after he murders his parents who were unfortunatley at home at the time.


Tony awakens left with a weapon and note along with the others in the abandoned Southport Foundry Building his note reading:

"Anthony DiMassio, aged 17 escape lies on the Strength"

Tony continues on through the first test left for Jessica witnessing her demise and then is shown the second test to be his.

His escape relied on wether he can make it across a floor littere with broken glass shards which made up the brand of wine bottle Tony consumed leading to his drunken behaviour the night of Tamara's death.

He is also charged with retrieving two keys iserted in his shoulder muscles.

There is a hacksaw over the broken field of glass and should Tony Make it and remove the keys with the hhacksaw opens the door proceeding on to be killed by Ben in the escape room entrance with the hacksaw.

Otherwise failure results in the doors locking forever entraping him inside.