Sylvia Talina Mable is a portrayable main character victim in I Know What You Did Last Summer Game

Sylvia Mable
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voiced by Jennifer Dale.

She is the girlfriend of Maxwell Petrossi and best friend of Allison Undrey.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

The Pact 1997Edit

Sylvia Mable appears in the car that killed Tamara Willis who was originally to sit in the front passenger seat with her driving boyfriend Max Petrossi.

However she decided to ensure the drunkened Tony didnt cause any trouble in the backseat by sitting with him.

Sylvia didnt want to conceal the death but did under instruction of boyfriend Max.

She is then targeted by Tamara Willis and Benjamin Willis.

Harper's CallEdit

Sylvia then attempts to protect Harper Call member Cooeper Fold from Ben Willis but fails and he is killed in an alleyway.

4th of July ParadeEdit

Sylvia then attempts to save Marybeth Landry but fails and watches as she is impaled by Ben Willis.


Sylvia is then abducted in her apartment by Benjamin Willis and brought to the Southport Abandoned Foundry Building under instruction by Tamara Willis.


Sylvia then awakes with a weapon of choice and the note reading: "Sylvia Mable, Aged 18 escape lies on the Love."


Sylvia is possessed and killed by Tamara henceforth never reaching her potential escape test engraved Love.

Love involved a tube that would swing down from the roof and impale her in the chest and begin to suck all the blood from her body.

Her chance of survival unlike the other characters would have been through someone else as Max would have had to use a special organ viewing device to see her heart and the special engravings left on it.

They read out a combination controlling the tube