"Dont Worry Big Daddy Here I:ll take your Clothes nice body"
―Saying To Carrie Nightgale and taking her clothes off[src]

Larry Bronson
Placeholder person
Basic Information
Name Larry Bronson
Born 1990
Died N/A
Status Alive
Nicknames Big Daddy by Carrie Nightgale
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black With Red Streaks
Family  :Carrie Nightgale (Girlfriend)
Peter Nightgale-Bronson (Son)
Julie James (Mother)
The Fisherman (Father)
Ray Bronson (Step-father)
Jessica Bronson (Half-Sister)
Susan Willis (Half-Sister)
Elizabeth Bronson(Half-Sister;deceased)
Oscar Bronson (Half-Brother)
Jamie Bronson (Half-Brother)
William Willis (Half-Brother)
Portrayed by Matt Shively
Films I Will Alawys Know What you Did Last Summer

he was the son of The Fisherman and his girlfriend Carrie Nightgale is pregnant with his baby so she never made a sound after the rape