Jonah Top is the boyfriend of Daneka Lund and is a main victim character in Last Summer 3D.

Jonah Top
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Basic Information
Name Jonah Top
Born 4/11/1990
Died 4/6/2011
Status Deceased
Nicknames Jonah,

J, Big Man, Mr. Hilarious, Mr. Original

Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Family Mr. Top (Father),

Mrs. Top (Mother)

Portrayed by Last Summer 3D
Films Last Summer 3D

He is a fellow student at Southport High School as well as a resident of the town and member of the Reece Matthews friendship circle of Southport High School to where he is regarded as the School Comedian for his humour.

He is portrayed by Erik Knudsen.

Last Summer 3D

Jonah Top first appears alongside bestfriend Hakeem Jansen at Southport High School the following day of Julie and Ray Bronson's Southport Murders as well as the murder of Southport Architect Susan Granger to which have been believed to be the work of their elderley widow neighbour Burke Daniels.

The school is called to a whole school assembly which misbehaves in and is subsequently removed from along with bestfriend Hakeem Jansen.

He is dating Daneka Lund and isn't completely well liked by Amanda Richardson her second cousin and member of their friendship circle for his over the top humour sometimes which seems to possess no boundaries.

Jonah is the head of the Southport High Fisherman's Hook Club which is a club of Southport High dealing with all fans of the Fisherman murderer.

His club also brings on a reason for dislike from girlfriend's second cousin Amanda as much like Reece and Alice Himbry hates the legends on the Fisherman and is disgusted about the actual Southport fisherman murders which took place in 1997.

Jonah appears on throughout the

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