Jessica Fairview is a playable main character victim in I Know What You Did Last Summer Game voiced

Jessica Fairview
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Name Jessica Fairview
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Status Deceased
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Gender Female
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by Florence Minowa.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

The Pact 1997Edit

Jessica was in the car that collided with the tree that propelled Tamara Willis to her death.

Jessica was seated in the front seat beside driver Max Petrossi and attempted to stop the drunken Tony.

Jessica helped rid of the car involved off Miller's Dock.

She is then targeted for death by Tamara Willis and then left to be killed by fisherman uncle Benjamin Willis.

She is entraped with the others of the car in the Southport Foundry Building left with a note and weapon.

Harper's CallEdit

Jessica is tasked with protecting Harper's Call member Finn Morie.

Jessica is supposed to protect him at the Southport Factory Boiler Yard.

She watches him die as Benjamin Willis kills him

4th of July ParadeEdit

Jessica then becomes tasked with protecting Croaker Queen Marybeth Landrey.

Jessica is up above on a building on a lookout for the Fisherman.

Benjamin Willis attempts to abduct her then but fails and then throws his hook down through Marybeth Landrey impaling her.


Jessica is then finally abducted that night along with all the others at her home and brought to the Southport Foundry Building.


Jessica awakes in the foundry along with all the others with a weapon to choose and a specific note that would warn her.

Jessica's note reads: "Jessica Fairview, Aged 18 escape lies on the Release,"


Jessica is the first to enter an escape room and is tasked with inserting two heroin needles to rid of herself of a poison in her veins.

Should she fail the poison breaks all her orfices causing her to implode in 60 seconds and should she survive is killed directly after by Ben via a throat slit by the fisherman hook and impalement in the back of her head