Elsa Shivers was the older sister of Helen Shivers who was a tritagonist of the first installment. Elsa loved bringing her sister down and would constantly try to prove her wrong on virtually anything. Elsa helped plenty with the Shivers store in Southport and was greatly pleased about Helen having to leave her acting career in New York and return to Southport with shame and failure. Elsa was left in charge of the store the summer of 1997 and was killed on the 4th of July during the passing parade moments before her younger sister Helen.

I Know What You Did Last SummerEdit

Elsa Shivers was the older sister of Southport Senior Croaker Queen Helen Shivers who worked alongside in their father's supply shop.

Elsa appeared as a victim of Ben Willis the fourth of July before her central character sister Helen.

Elsa and JulieEdit

Elsa was a brief recurring acquaintance of Julie James' as she was the friend of her younger successful sister. Elsa instructed Julie to Helens whereabouts telling that she no longer had a residence in NY and was working in the store. Elsa briefly appears at the beginning night when the four friends ran over Ben Willis on the windy mountain road surrounding Miller's Dock. Elsa engaged in conversation with Helen angry with her pompous attitude to their curfew.


Elsa stumbles upon the fisherman once her sister Helen is chased by Ben Willis to the Shivers store where she is packing up while the 4th of July parade is commencing. Helen instructed Elsa to lock the above floor's door while she phoned the police. Elsa entered upstairs and upon locking the door she had her throat slit by Ben Willis via the hook. Her body is then dragged by hook downstairs and placed in the toilet stall and her glasses flushed down the toilet. Helen discovered her body.


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