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Name: David Strohmenger
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:

Dave and the Hook:


Dave is stabbed in the mouth with the hook and has face slit open by the vicious pullback and jaw gets ripped out

Known Relatives:

Mr. Strohmenger,

Mrs. Strohmenger

Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: John Hawkes

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

David Dave Strohmenger is a Southport Fisherman and best friend of fellow fisherman Ray Bronson in 1998.

He is killed by fisherman Benjamin Willis the week following to the 4th of July.

He was portrayed by John Hawkes and appearing only in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Dave and RayEdit

David worked as a fisherman in Southport alongside Ray Bronson the summer following the 1997 Southport murders of Elsa Shivers, Barry Cox, Officer David Caporizo and Helen Shivers.

He is the best friend of Ray during the year of 1998 up until his death.

He was the only person to know of the ring Ray had purchased in hope of proposing to girlfriend Julie James the 4th of July just before she departs for the Tower Bay Resort Bahamas.

The Engagment RingEdit

"Aw, thanks Ray you know I'm going to need some time time to think about"

Dave was shown Ray Bronson's engagement ring for Julie James at the Southport docks.

Dave then went on to suggest the surprise arrival to join Julie, Karla Wilson and Tyrell Martin on their won trip to the Bahamas.

Dave's murder and Ray's attack leaving him in hospital resulted in Ray's replacement with William Willis under the guise of Will Benson.

David's DeathEdit

David driving along Route 4 with Ray began to sing loudly to the radio until they were stopped by a seemingly dead man on the road meters from them who had seemingly occupied a black beamer.

Ray recognizing this as a recreation of Barry Cox's vehicle and their pact goes over to quickly investigate.

However upon turning the fisherman slicker covered body finds it to be a department store mannequin.

Dave still awaiting in the car is then surprised by Benjamin Willis who stabs in the mouth with his hook dragging him out when Ray yells at him to look out.

Ben then swipes upwards slicing Dave's face as well as mouth open. He is killed when his jaw is pulled quickly until it's completely ripped out.