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Darick worked at the island resort where Julie James,

998ISK Benjamin Brown 003
Name: Darick
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:

Darick and the Hook:


Darick is sliced across the throat and head by the hook following been knocked into the water of the pier

Known Relatives:

Unnamed Father,

Unnamed Mother

Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Benjamin Brown

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Tyrell Martin,

Karla Wilson and William Willis stayed for the undegoing bloodbath of Benjamin Willis in the second summer.

Darick was murdered at the docks on his tied up the final boat errand.

Darick and JulieEdit

Darick greets Julie with tenacity and care offering to make her trip more pleasurable.

His corpse is later strung up in Julie and Will's suite closet and upon getting help it is removed and placed in the storm shelter for her later to find.

Darick and TitusEdit

Darick isnt keen of Titus reckless behaviour but is friend among the staff and keeps him on leash.

Darick is killed directly after a brief final conversation with Titus cancelling a party invitation.

Darick and KarlaEdit

Karla is the second person to be offered a more enjoyable trip to beside her bestfriend Julie James.

Karla happily declines but finds him to be an overly try hard with sleaze.

Karla later discovers his corpse in the storm shelter after the nights events at bay reveal themself along with Julie James and Nancy the bartender.


Darick's throat is slit with Ben's hook while his head is above water.

The blood splatter creates a neat line on the wooden shelf nearby.