Allison Undrey is a playable main-character victim in I Know What You Did Last Summer Game voiced by Bijou

Allison Undrey
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

The Pact 1997Edit

Allison Undrey was one of the six people in the car on the 4th of July that killed Tamara Willis.

She was seated on the left side of the backseat beside Roger and the drunken Tony DiMassio.

She was the girlfriend of Tony and a student graduate of Southport High School.

She helped dispose of the vehicle following it killing Tamara Willis.

Tamara Willis spirit asks murderous fisherman uncle Benjamin Willis to entrap Allison along with the others of the car in the abandoned Southport Foundry Building and kill her like all the others apart from Max Petrossi.

Harper's CallEdit

Allison is charged with protecting a member of the Harper's Call member Barry Dane.

Allison is playable through this chapter and witnesses Benjamin Willis murder him.

Allison the reunites with the group following.

4th of July ParadeEdit

Croaker Queen Marybeth Landrey upon being targeted by Ben Willis by Tamara Willis is to be protected by Allison and the other who fail and instead watch in horror as Marybeth is impaled through the heart during the 4th of July Parade.


Allison that night returning to his father's home she is abducted by Benjamin Willis and placed in the abandoned Southport Foundry Building.


Allison awakes with the others and finds a weapon and note left for her.

Her note reading: "Allison Undrey, Aged 17 escape lies on the Beauty."


Allison doesnt reach her escape room but it is discovered by Max Petrossi and Roger which involved her bed moved into a room where two hooks suspended from the roof can release the two keys to open the exit doors.

The two keys were placed in her cheeks which upon being opened would ruin the botox she had had in a recent cosmetic surgery.

Either Allison being played dies by failing and the gas floods with the poisonous green gas or she escapes and later is stabbed in the mouth with a circular saw by Benjamin Willis.


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